Thursday, July 17, 2008

what a special day!!!!!

Today was pretty good too! Woke up and went out shopping for the day again. And then we went to the disney store and got wall.e cups!!!! On the bottem of the glass, there is almost a tiny snowglobe type thing, with wall.e in it! And it has the lid and the straw, the whole shabang! You should have seen us in the disney store, we were acting like 5 year olds. Skipping and saying in high voices "Its a WALL.E cup!!!!! I love Wall.e!!!!! Unfourtunatly, when we were still in the mall walking with my mom, we took out the cups to have a look at them, and the cup that i pulled out, the little Wall.e in the snowglobe was missing an arm!!!! So of course i told my mom and showed my sister, and my mom said to exchange it. So we went into the store again (Which i wasn't mad about doing because i love that place) Went up to the cash and gave it to the cashier, and then picked out another one. Now that took me about another 5 minutes because i had to pick out the perfect one.(Of course!!!!) Well we still looked around, mainly for a lamp, but of course we all had to stop and look at the shoes. So many shoes, so little time. We stoped at DQ to get a moooooolatte. Me and my sister had alot of fun saying "Moooooolatte" We get amused too easily. Later on we went home and watched a movie. But for most of the time i was the only one watching it so i got kinda mad because my sister had to write a letter and my mom had to do stuff with the computer so we had lots of lights on and watching movies on our screen in the dark is way better. Then we had dinner. (Which was extremly delicious like it is every night)Watered the flowers. I like watering the flowers. And me and my sister divited the flowers so we each water a certain plant. I'm happy because i got all the daisys. And i just love daisys. Then i went and played with our dog. I always love playing with our dog. But sometimes its kind of scary because we have a big dog. And then I came in and was told that we were going on a bike ride. We went to the library. I returned a book and got another one that I hope I will like because the last one just wasn't the right one for me. Got home, had dessert and watched TV and then came on the computer. Its getting pretty late so i should wrap it up soon. So, long live Wall.e cups!!!!

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[H] said...

i want a wall-e cup!!!

i am so le jealous!!!!!!!!!

i miss you lovi