Friday, July 25, 2008


Well i guess that i have been too busy to write on my blog again! But to tell you the truth, i haven't done that much in the past few days. But today........ I woke up with the worst headache. And to add to that, i have a horrible ear ache. Whenever i touched my ear, it hurt so bad that i thought that bleeding was not surprising. But I couldn't do anything about it because i usally don't take medicine by myself, so I "suffered" all morning. My mom was out all morning so I couldn't ask her what to do. All day i was looking for stuff to do. My sister and I were going to go to the pool today, but it looked like it was going to rain almost all day. So i read with my sister,and walked the dogs. Yesterday, my step sister came with her chiwawa, Liberty. I swear that dog is the smallest dog I ever saw. I was going to walk both dogs at the same time, Feather and Liberty.but it was too hard so my sister came with me. I walked I walked Liberty while my sister walked Feather.On the route we usally take, we have to pass by there Great Danes. Feather doesn't mind them, But Liberty stood up to them! Barking and trying to get of the leash and get at 'em. She didn't, but, if she was off a leash... On the walkes,we usally go around a circle twice. But since Liberty has such little legs, we go around once, and then she is so tired that she sleeps for a long time afterwards.Holly, I think you will love Liberty.

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Nellie Holmes said...

Hi Cloe,
I love your blog. So nice to catch up on all your new adventures. How has the quilting been going - have you had time to do anything?
Monica's horse Libby had her baby in the spring - a filly. She is really cute.
Did you see the Olympics? Wasn't it exciting to see the Canadian Equestrian team win silver and then Eric Lamaze winning a gold medal.
Nellie xo