Sunday, July 20, 2008

too hot

Didn't really do much today. Got up at about noon, had breakfast ( or lunch whatever you want) and read for a little while. Then i talked with my other sister on the phone and then talked to my buddie on the phone also. Me and my sister were planning to go to the library, we walked about not even a quarter of the way there, and we were so hot and dehidrated that we dicided to go home. We decided that we were also going to go to the pool. After alot of talking my sister into it, (she didn't want to go this day any more) We went. I thought we had a pretty good time. My sister was splashing me and she kept going "LOOK!!! LOOK!" I just thought that she was trying to bring back the oldest trick in the book to splash me again. Turns out that she was pointing to one of my new friends that live down my street. We had to got out of the pool soon, so we just planned on walking home together. Later on, after dinner I took our dog out for a walk and picked her up. (we planned it at the pool) We went around the circle i usually go around 2 times, 5 times. Just talking. She is planning on comeing tomorrow to go to my house and the pool. i'm excited for that! Then i watched some of a movie, and then read again. So hope tomorrow is good. Really, i do!

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[H] said...

i'm so proud of you chloster!

your blogs always make me so happy, and it sounds like you are adjusting really well in your new home!!

i hope you have a great time with your new friend <33