Tuesday, July 15, 2008

more details

my day so far was pretty good! woke up (got woken up by someone and then slept in almost a half an hour later) them me and my mom and sister went shopping. i saw chucks!! in two stores! mom says that i will probably get a pair for school!!!!! i want them so bad! before we left the mall, we went to this pretzel place, and i got a pretzel covered in caramel and nuts. tastiest pretzel of my life. anyhoo, then we all went to get our hair done. my sister got a trim, so did my mom, but me, i got a new style! i've got the length at about my chin, and my bangs trimed.but my bangs are still straight across, but she cut them so they can still be pushed to the side like sidebangs!and lotsa layers...... then we came home,because we were exspecting something.later on we went to the pool. it was fun! but there was really not much to do. but i still enjoyed myself. then i walked our dog. but there is this little dog that i always have to pass. it has no leash so it keeps coming up to us and growling and trying to bite our dog! i was so sick of this dog that i actuallt yelled "NO" and then the dog just stood there.then i watched some TV and then started writing this!

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