Friday, July 18, 2008

how exciting!!!

Today,we were planning to go out and get some lawn furniture and other random junk,and normally when ever we go out, me and my sister usally want to go too. but my mom went with her husband to get the furniture in a station wagon and then get their new glasses right after. But we couldn't come because they had to put the seats down to fit the box in. Turns out, that the box didn't fit in the car so we had to go back later. But my mom did get her glasses. They look very nice on her. I own a pair of glasses too! Red,and for reading. Gotta love Harry Potter! So they came back and then we were planning to go to some other things in the day. But right as we were on our way out the door, My sister said that she felt nautious. So we left her at home.(lol) First we went to go and find a ceiling fan. So we were in one of those parts of the store where it is very bright because of people testing lights and others showing others fans and lamps. I love those parts of the store because they seem bright, and happy. Weird I know. We were also looking for a table lamp. We were looking in the coloured glass lamps and i saw a small little lamp that was a lady bug! and there was a antilope and a frog. But I liked the bug best because he had little shoes and huge eyes. Then i got asked if i wanted it. Of course i did, but i'm not those kind of people who give you a straight up "Yes" or "No" So i was all like " Oh you have to buy it for me if you don't want to......."But in the end of that store we did get a ceiling fan, a table lamp and the bug which is in my room right now. We went to a couple other stores for about 5 minutes and then we went out for lunch. We went to a Japanese place. I got a chicken and brown rice bowl which was incredebly great. For a drink, i was very excited because i got Japanese pop! I love this kind of pop because first of all it tastes good, and it has a neat bottle! There is a little marble in the top and a little tool that is part of the package and you well, put the marble into the bottle! Then it drops into the top of the bottle where it can't fit through. Very cool, very fun. But it took me many tries to open it. Even though i had it before at the Multicultual Festival. We ran around some more and then we went to go and rent a truck so we could get the box. And then we finally came home. I later walked the dog and played with her. Then we had dinner. which was very yummy but very, very spicy. Yeah, drank alot of milk and water that meal.... ( for the water i used mt Wall.e cup) nd then i watched TV again. Ta Da!!

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