Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Sticky Situation

I feel I can't be a person. I'm not worth anything. Time, or money. I hate asking, because the answer is no. I am on the lower end of the deal, which makes me gum stuck under your shoe. Annoying, and hard to make completely go away. I stick to my topic, and don't let go when necessary. I am far from perfect, and not what you had in mind; a disappointment. The one place I always smile, I seem banned from; I'm stuck in YOUR perfect world. I feel I must quit from happiness, for yours. When I talk, I am a stupid, selfish brat. When I look at you, I look mean, and harsh. I'm not who you want, and and I am sorry.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vitamin Water

So recently, I have been trying different flavors of vitamin water. I found them all quite tasty, but this isn't what this post is about.The only reason I even bought the zero vitamin waters, is because i wanted to try the flavors. I tried lemonade (zero, called squeezed I believe) and when i opened it to take a drink, around the outside of the lid, was what looked like some kind of orange grease. I didn't want to take my chances, so I didn't drink any of it until I went home. But when I wiped my finger across it, it was very orange, and had a horrible greasy texture. It looks brownish, until you wipe it off, or can see it in good lighting, then it looks orange. I asked my family about it, and they seemed convinced that it was just overheated sugar, or something. I did end up drinking it, after I wiped all of it off, and poured it into a cup. I really enjoyed it, and just thought that I had gotten the dud, and passed it off as nothing. But when I went to go but another vitamin water today, I had the same thing happen to me again. I got another zero water, because once again, i liked the flavor; go go. But when I opened it to take a drink, there it was AGAIN. That same orange grease stuff again. But this time, it was throughout the whole top half of the bottle. The water looked fine (besides the brown stuff in it) smelled fine, and I tasted it, and it tasted fine. But something about that just seems unsettling. The lemonade was totally unaffected, because the stuff didn't touch the water at all, but when I bought this one, it was all over the bottle. The word I thought of was, infested...ya ew. I asked my friends and family who drink vitamin water if they have ever had the same problem, and they all said no. I researched reviews on them, and saw no reviews about it, and looked up pictures of it, and once again saw nothing. I don't think that it is a huge deal, but I really don't know if I should be worried, or not. and PS, if you are wondering why I bought ones with it twice, is because I couldn't see it until i opened it. For the lemonade, I couldn't really see through the lid, and for go go, i couldn't see it until some of it was gone. And really, when I am buying packaged things, should I really have to worry about if I have brown crap in it? I shouldn't have to inspect my vitamin water bottles before buying them. I now know that from now on, I will not but the zeros anymore, because I had no problem with any of the normal ones. It is just really disappointing, because the flavor i bought was really good, but I would rather just not drink it, to drink it and enjoy it, and be sick later.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today, I realized how important friends are. Even one friend is enough to make you feel better in the hardest of times. A true friend knows how to find the middle ground between telling you what you want to hear, and what is actually true. At my house for the past couple of days, things have been tense, and stressful. Part of me knew it was my fault, and part of me didn't believe it was. But anyway, that isn't what this post is about. Anyway, today, when things didn't go quite as I had planned with my attempts to understand the problem, I was truly upset, for different reasons. But either way, I decided to text one of my friends. Not really to whine about how 'mean' my parents are, but to tell her what happened. Her help to me, even between a few nice texts, made me feel so much better. She didn't act like I was annoying her, even if I was, and she gave me advice I could use, instead of just 'sorry's all the time. Considering how upset I was at the situation, she really helped me. Normally, I am a to myself, find my own way to deal with problems kind of person, but it was really nice to have someone support me, in a 'telling me what I want to hear, and being right at the same time' kind of way. Nobody is perfect, and really, her and I fight often, but whenever one or the other is in a sticky situation, we are always there for the other. Before really having friends worth my time, I thought that friends were just disappointment, and frustration. But now I realize how all the stupid fights are worth it, if in return, you get a shoulder to lean on.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pinkly Smooth

The new Avenged Sevenfold CD, really got me into their music. After more looking into them, decided to check out Pinkly Smooth, a side band of Avenged Sevenfold, that includes the Rev (A7X drummer) and Synyster Gates (A7X lead guitarist) and others. I found their song "Mcfly" and even though it is not even close to the style of Avenged Sevenfold, I really really liked it!!! Its kinda weird, and crazy, and I so far don't know anyone who likes it, but I do quite a lot! Unfortunately, Pinkly Smooth is not going to release any more albums, because after the Rev died, the band just kinda fell apart I think...well anyway, if you like kinda weird and crazy, but good music, then I would suggest that song. R.I.P. Rev :(