Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Long...

Wow! It has been forever since I have written on this thing!!!! I actually forgot my password...But anyhoo, I really didn't get a chance to write on here once school started!I had homework and all that other junk.I really did forget about my blog, but hopefully from now on,I am a little more commited to doing it. Probably once my book report on a book I am reading in class is done (Just started book) and my points are caught up, then I will get a few more posts on here.I am really busy with reading for class nowadays that I can't seem to catch up with anything. I guess that school has been going good for me! First Trimester is over and now I am on a harder one apparently...Ugh. I just got switched into another 3rd period class and things have been a little hecktic. But good news, I am still getting straight A's!

when I first started this blog, I had all of one friend! yipee! Now, I seem to have many. Katy, Karli, Shae, Anna, Ava. They all Have helped me very much through the past little while so if any of you are reading this, thanks!!

Band is going good for me too. I am also in jazz band which is a part of my school and other schools. Band is really easy, and they said that if you join it that beware that it's difficult. Its harder, but not much. Hey Megan, are you still playing barry sax? I might be playing Bass Clarinet next year!!!!yay!!

Well thats pretty much it for now!!

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