Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Sticky Situation

I feel I can't be a person. I'm not worth anything. Time, or money. I hate asking, because the answer is no. I am on the lower end of the deal, which makes me gum stuck under your shoe. Annoying, and hard to make completely go away. I stick to my topic, and don't let go when necessary. I am far from perfect, and not what you had in mind; a disappointment. The one place I always smile, I seem banned from; I'm stuck in YOUR perfect world. I feel I must quit from happiness, for yours. When I talk, I am a stupid, selfish brat. When I look at you, I look mean, and harsh. I'm not who you want, and and I am sorry.


SlitMyWristS said...

:( luv ya in a nongay way

Rainbow Rodeo said...

same here! To you!! hehe :D